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  • The Observatory recently launched a whole new space weather webpage

  • Monday, 25th March 2019

The Hong Kong Observatory has recently launched a whole new space weather webpage with the aims to arouse public interest of space weather and promote awareness of relevant parties to possible effects of space weather for enhancing their resilience. The webpage contains the latest forecasts from the National Center for Space Weather of China and alerts from the US Space Weather Prediction Center.

The contents have been significantly enhanced with more than 80 photos and illustrations used to show and explain various space weather phenomena. Some are stunning which seem like bringing you to a virtual trip of the fascinating space. You can also find tips for aurora viewing and know more about some major historical events of space weather as well as how space weather is monitored.

To arouse kids’ enthusiasm and curiosity in Space, a kid version of the space weather webpage has also been newly added to the "My Little Observatory" website with interesting interactive educational games.

The Observatory first launched the space weather webpage in 2004 and enhanced in 2010. This year, the launch of the whole new version fits well with the theme of the 2019 World Meteorological Day, “The Sun, The Earth and The Weather”.

Let’s come and learn more about space weather!

Figure 1
Frontpage of the new version of the "space weather webpage"