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  • Come and join the Observatory as a Radar Specialist Mechanic! (28 December 2018)

  • Friday, 28th December 2018

A new round of recruitment of Radar Specialist Mechanics* has commenced (28 December 2018). This time, Sing (Mr. IP Wing-sing, Senior Radar Specialist Mechanic) and Syrus (Mr. LEUNG Chi-man, Radar Specialist Mechanic) will introduce you the work of a Radar Specialist Mechanic at the Observatory.

The main role of a Radar Specialist Mechanic is to develop and maintain meteorological related measurement systems and equipment in order to provide steady and reliable meteorological and remote sensing data. This will enable forecasters to get hold of the latest and the most accurate measurement data to monitor and forecast weather, as well as to assess the associated weather impact and issue the necessary warning(s) timely for safeguarding life and property of the public.

To understand more about the vast diversity of work and challenges at the Observatory, please take a look at the Observatory's "Career@HKO" webpage. Deadline for the application for the post of Radar Specialist Mechanic is 18 January 2019. Don't miss the chance to join our family!

* A Radar Specialist Mechanic is mainly responsible for the development, installation and maintenance of electronic equipment, including radars, computer-based equipment and telemetry systems.