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  • New "Earth Weather" website offering interactive display of computer forecast products

  • Tuesday, 26th March 2019

The Hong Kong Observatory has recently launched a new "Earth Weather" website. With interactive display of computer forecast model products, the website allows members of the public to easily appreciate the large-scale weather changes in the Asia-Pacific region. The website displays wind forecasts from computer model for the next nine days using animated streamlines. Users can also select a colour overlay showing the distribution of temperature or wind speed.

More forecast products will be added to “Earth Weather” progressively. Please stay tuned.

URL of “Earth Weather”:

Figure 1
The “Earth Weather” website uses animated streamlines to represent wind direction. Together with a colour overlay representing air temperatures, changes in temperatures and winds can be readily seen
Figure 2
Users can select a colour overlay representing wind speed for highlighting areas affected by high winds (in orange and red colours)