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  • “MyOceanWeather Gallery” Launched

  • Tuesday, 3rd July 2018

The Hong Kong Observatory launches the “MyOceanWeather Gallery” today (3 July 2018) for the sharing of beautiful photos provided by mariners, allowing members of the public to appreciate the different weather phenomena and scenery that can be observed at sea.

Most of the photos on the webpage were taken by ship masters and crew members on board the Hong Kong Voluntary Observing Ships during their voyages around the world. Through a geographic information system platform, the approximate location and time of the photos taken are also shown. The photos displayed are classified into five categories, namely, “Cloud”, “Ocean”, “Weather Phenomenon”, “Atmospheric Optics” and “Celestial Objects” for viewing through the link at

For travellers who would like to share weather photos taken during sea voyages through this platform, please refer to the relevant instructions on “How to submit to the MyOceanWeather Gallery” provided on the webpage at

Figure 1
MyOceanWeather Gallery