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  • The Observatory adds new “Feng Yun 4A” satellite imageries

  • Monday, 31st December 2018

The Hong Kong Observatory has further enhanced its Internet satellite imagery services on its website by providing new “Feng Yun 4A” (FY4A) satellite imageries covering western Asia starting from today (31 December 2018).

The China’s new FY4A geostationary meteorological satellite is located above the equator at a longitude position of around 105°E. The FY4A imageries (a sample image is shown in Figure 1) enable the public to get hold of the latest weather conditions over various regions in western Asia such as tropical cyclones over the Indian Ocean to see if they would impact on their travel.

The FY4A imageries available on the Observatory website ( include infra-red, true colour, and deep convection imageries which are updated at hourly intervals. The FY4A satellite imageries will also be made available on "MyObservatory" in its next update.

figure 1

Figure 1. The true colour image captured by FY4A satellite at 2:00 p.m. (Hong Kong Time) on 14 November 2018. The red circle shows the circulation of tropical cyclone Gaja which was moving generally west-southwestwards towards the east coast of southern India.