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South China Coastal Waters

Bulletin updated at 05:30 HKT 19/Oct/2019

By the Hong Kong Observatory at 5:30 a.m. on 19 Oct 2019 

Strong winds in Nan'ao, Shanwei, south of Hong Kong and
Shangchuan Dao.

Weather Situation:
The northeast monsoon is affecting the south China coastal

At 5 a.m., Tropical Storm Neoguri with maximum sustained
winds of about 65 kilometres per hour near its centre was
located at 20.8 degrees north, 128.5 degrees east. It is
forecast to move west or west-northwest at about 10
kilometres per hour, lingering over the western North
Pacific to the east of Luzon Strait.

Area forecasts for the next 24 hours

Hong Kong Adjacent Waters睭
East to northeast force 4 to 5.
A few rain patches.
Moderate seas.

Northeast force 5 to 6, occasionally force 7.
Moderate to rough seas.

Shanwei, South of Hong Kong and Shangchuan Dao睭
East to northeast force 4 to 5, occasionally force 6.
Moderate to rough seas.

Outlook for the following 48 hours 
East to northeasterly winds of force 5 to 6, up to force 7
in east.

Latest reports from south china coastal weather stations

Waglan Island       Wind north force 4 
                    Visibility 22 kilometres 

Shantou             Wind east force 2 
                    Visibility 26 kilometres 

Dongsha             Wind northeast force 4 
                    Visibility 10 kilometres 

Huangmaozhou        Wind northeast force 3 

Macau               Wind north force 1 
                    Visibility 12 kilometres 

Xisha               Wind east-northeast force 3 
                    Visibility 14 kilometres 

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