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  • Overview of Tropical Cyclones in January 2018

  • Monday, 12th February 2018

One tropical cyclone occurred over the South China Sea in January 2018.

Bolaven formed as a tropical depression near the Philippines about 500 km south-southeast of Manila on the morning on 2 January. It moved west to west-northwestwards across the southern part of the South China Sea. Bolaven intensified into a tropical storm the next day and reached peak intensity with an estimated maximum sustained wind of 65 km/h near its centre. It then started to weaken and finally degenerated into an area of low pressure over the sea areas off the southern part of Vietnam on the morning of 4 January.

According to press reports, torrential rain and squalls brought by Bolaven caused severe flooding and landslides in the Philippines, leaving at least three people dead.

Provisional Tropical Cyclone Tracks in January 2018
Provisional Tropical Cyclone Tracks in January 2018