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  • The Observatory’s new radiological survey vehicle

  • Friday, 25th August 2017

The Observatory has acquired a new radiological survey vehicle, in addition to the existing one. It has been put into operation since June this year, thus further enhancing the radiation monitoring capability.

Various sampling and radiation monitoring instruments are installed on board the new survey vehicle for collecting environmental samples as well as measuring the ambient radiation level in real time. It can assist in the early identification of abnormal artificial gamma radionuclides, if any, in the environment. The vehicle is also equipped with meteorological sensors for measuring weather data such as temperature, wind direction and wind speed, etc. It can conduct surveys at different locations in Hong Kong, and transmit the ambient gamma radiation levels and weather data to the Observatory Headquarters, thus enhancing the Observatory’s capability in emergency response.

figure 1
The new radiological survey vehicle was deployed for emergency preparedness operation during the 20th Anniversary of the HKSARG
figure 2
Observatory staff operating the radiation monitoring equipment inside the new survey vehicle
figure 3
The ambient gamma radiation levels measured en route are transmitted to the Observatory Headquarters