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  • Closer ties between the Hong Kong Observatory and the University of Reading, UK

  • Friday, 8th February 2019

The tie between the Hong Kong Observatory and the University of Reading in the United Kingdom (UK) dates back more than 30 years.  In the late 1980s, the Observatory recruited the first time a Hong Kong student studied Master degree of Meteorology at the University of Reading as a Scientific Officer.  Thereafter, the then two newly appointed Scientific Officers were sent to the University of Reading to study the Master degree of Meteorology which served as part of the professional induction training on meteorology.

In 2018, the Observatory collaborated for the first time with the "Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT)" jointly organised by the University of Reading and the Imperial College London, and supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) of UK.  The main research areas of MPE CDT are weather, climate and ocean.  Last summer, a total of three doctoral students from CDT participated in the placement programme and conducted research studies at the Observatory.  The projects included climate variability in Hong Kong, feasibility study of model forecast of windshear and turbulence, and etc.  The Observatory, the Universities and the doctoral students all considered that the collaboration was very meaningful and fruitful.  During the stay in Hong Kong, the doctoral students also had a good opportunity to interact with local university placement students at the Observatory.  Both local and overseas students benefited a lot from mutual exchanges, broadening their horizons.

Dr BOEDIHARDJO Horatio Setiawan, grown up in Hong Kong, is now a lecturer on probability and stochastic analysis at the University of Reading.  Horatio visited the Observatory on 4 January 2019 and introduced MPE CDT and his research work to the Observatory’s staff.  He is expecting closer ties with the Observatory in research work and applications of atmospheric and oceanic sciences, contributing to the benefits of mankind and the planet Earth.  Horatio has also recently accepted the invitation of the Observatory to serve as a Scientific Advisor, the youngest ever advisor of the Observatory.

Figure 1
The first batch of doctoral students from the University of Reading (Peter Shatwell,1st right; and Maria Jacob, 5th right) taking a group photo with the University alumni serving at the Observatory.

(Remark: Another doctoral student from the University of Reading was absent that day due to other commitment).

Figure 2
The Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Mr CM SHUN (centre), presenting a souvenir to Dr BOEDIHARDJO Horatio Setiawan (2nd left) to thank him for introducing "Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT)" and his research work as well as sharing of his personal growth during his visit to the Observatory.