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  • Observatory co-organized first AI weather forecast competition

  • Tuesday, 18th December 2018

The “AI Challenge – Weather Forecast Competition” jointly organized by the Hong Kong Observatory, Hong Kong Meteorological Society, Hong Kong Education City and Microsoft (HK) Limited has come to an end with great success. The award presentation ceremony was held at the “Learning and Teaching Expo 2018” at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 14 December 2018. Dr. Cheng Cho-ming, Acting Director of the Hong Kong Observatory was invited to present prizes to the winning teams, while Dr. Lam Hok-yin, Scientific Officer, gave comments to the participating teams on behalf of the adjudicators.

This was the first time ever of a similar competition in Hong Kong. It was very well received and altogether 33 teams from 24 secondary schools participated. The Observatory provided about 6 million entries of data from 14 selected automatic weather stations of the past 10 years for use, namely hourly air temperature, relative humidity, wind direction and wind speed, as well as rainfall amount. Students were required to make use of machine learning methods to forecast the hourly air temperature at Zero Carbon Building in Kowloon Bay for five consecutive afternoons and nights in late November. They also needed to submit a video and a presentation file to elaborate the rationales behind their model design. Adjudicators gave scores based on the forecast accuracy, application of machine learning, mathematical analysis and computational thinking, as well as team collaboration and communication, and then came up with the winners and 7 merits.

Participating team members and teachers expressed that the competition had deepened their knowledge about weather forecasting. They all looked forward to joining similar activities for further challenge in the future!

Group photo with guests of the award presentation ceremony and winning teams
Group photo with guests of the award presentation ceremony and winning teams