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  • AI Challenge – Weather Forecasting Competition

  • Wednesday, 11th July 2018

Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) will partner with the Hong Kong Meteorological Society to organize a weather forecasting competition after the summer holidays this year. The competition aims at promoting the use of big data and artificial intelligence (AI), especially on the application of machine learning and deep learning in weather forecasting. This is the first time ever of a similar competition in Hong Kong. Students from the primary and secondary schools are welcome to participate.

The competition is one of the activities of Master Code 2018 co-organized by Hong Kong Education City and Microsoft Hong Kong Co. Ltd. Director of the HKO, Mr. C. M. Shun attended the Opening Ceremony on 28 June 2018. Also at the ceremony, Dr. David H. Y. Lam, Scientific Officer, introduced how the Observatory embraces the big data era and enhances weather services by using AI.

For details of the competition, please browse the Master Code 2018 website at

Figure 1
Guests attending the Opening Ceremony of the Master Code 2018 – (from right to left) Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Mr. C. M. Shun; Chief Systems Manager (Industry Development), Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, Ms Chrissie Ng; Director, Enterprise Public Sector, Microsoft Hong Kong Co. Ltd., Mr Kelvin Tse; Executive Director, Hong Kong Education City Ltd., Mr Victor Cheng; Lab manager, CityU Apps Lab, Department of Electronics Engineering, Mr John Wong.