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  • Observatory's special mission at United Nations Headquarters for the first time ever

  • Monday, 6th August 2018

At the invitation of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Mr Hon-yin Yeung, Senior Scientific Officer of the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO), visited the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York, USA, during 23 July – 3 August to assist in developing WMO’s new support services for the UN Operations and Crisis Centre (UNOCC) and the UN Secretary-General’s Office. This special mission is a new challenge to both HKO as a government department and Hon-yin Yeung as a weatherman. The work during the two weeks comprised of preparing briefings on global weather threat assessment, seeking daily foci from UNOCC colleagues, as well as planning to formalize the aforementioned work into a regular support.

The recent discussion in the UN Security Council on climate security and connections with conflict and migration underlined the high visibility of the topic and the value of WMO as a specialised agency under the UN system. With foresight, WMO has earlier on invited meteorological and hydrological services worldwide to join hands in the provision of authoritative, coordinated and timely briefings to UN leadership for humanitarian activities and crisis management, through integration of official information sources on weather, climate and water threats available from WMO Members. As always, the Observatory has responded positively to this international appeal, with a view to contributing more in protecting lives and building a better society.

Figure 1
Dr Paul Egerton, WMO Representative to the UN, welcoming Mr Hon-yin Yeung to New York
Figure 2
Snapshots of Mr Yeung working in UNOCC