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  • The Observatory transferred severe weather forecasting techniques to Southeast Asia counterparts

  • Wednesday, 20th June 2018

At the invitation of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Mr WOO Wang-chun and Dr HO Chun-kit, Scientific Officers of the Hong Kong Observatory, visited Hanoi, Viet Nam during 7-18 May and acted as expert lecturers to coach more than 10 forecasters from Viet Nam, the Philippines and Thailand under the “Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration Project” (SWFDP) - Regional Subproject for Southeast Asia (SeA) on severe weather forecasting. During the process, they also shared experience in utilization of numerical weather prediction products and the Observatory’s “SWIRLS” nowcasting system, as well as in communication with the media and the general public.

This training activity is called “Training Desk”, the first of its kind for the SWFDP-SeA Subproject. The Training Desk was targeted for experienced forecasters and its content was relatively advanced with emphasis on interaction, discussion and case studies. The two experts from the Observatory played an active role throughout the process of programme design and teaching material preparation. They were happy to witness Hong Kong’s experience benefiting meteorological organizations in the region.

Figure 1
Mr WOO Wang-chun, Scientific Officer of the Hong Kong Observatory (third from left in the front row), Mr Le Thanh Hai, Vice Administrator of the National Hydro-Meteorological Service of Vietnam (fourth from left in the front row), Mr Ata Hussain, Scientific Officer of the WMO Global Data Processing and Forecasting Systems Division (fifth from left in the front row) taking a group photo together with other participants of the Training Desk.
Figure 2
Dr HO Chun-kit, Scientific Officer of the Hong Kong Observatory sharing the Observatory's techniques and experience in tropical cyclone forecasting.