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  • The Observatory co-organized the Mountaineering Safety Promotion Day 2017

  • Friday, 27th October 2017

The Observatory is committed to raise public awareness towards the impacts of weather on outdoor activities. As before, the Observatory rendered full support to the "Mountaineering Safety Promotion Day" organized by the Civil Aid Service (CAS) to promote hiking safety to the public along with other co-organizing Government departments and mountaineering organizations. Through exhibition and games, the Observatory highlighted the precautions to be taken during hiking activities under different kinds of weather and introduced ways to obtain relevant weather information.

In conjunction with this event, the Observatory staff delivered a talk about weather impacts on outdoor activities to members of the Auxiliary Force of the CAS. Furthermore, a total of five members of the Observatory's staff and volunteers of the "Friends of the Observatory" successfully completed the training courses organized by the CAS, and were appointed "Hiking Safety Leaders" or "Hiking Safety Ambassadors" who could help promote hiking safety to the public in the future.

Figure 1
Mr. Sonny Au Chi-kwong, Under Secretary for Security (3rd left on the front row), Dr. Ernest Lee Shu-wing (4th left on the front row), Commissioner of the Civil Aid Service, Dr. Cheng Cho-ming (3rd right on the front row), Acting Director of the Hong Kong Observatory and other officiating guests at the Opening Ceremony of the Mountaineering Safety Promotion Day
Figure 2
Dr. Cheng Cho-ming (4th left) having a photo with the Observatory staff and "Friends of the Observatory" volunteers in front of the Observatory's booth