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  • The Observatory co-organized the 2016 Mountaineering Safety Promotion Day

  • Wednesday, 9th November 2016

The Civil Aid Service organizes the "Mountaineering Safety Promotion Day" every year to raise public awareness of mountaineering safety. As before, the Observatory rendered full support to the event on 6 November along with 21 Government departments and non-government organizations. A booth was set up in Kowloon Park and a talk was delivered, both to introduce weather phenomena that would affect outdoors activities and highlight the precautions to be taken under severe weather conditions. This year, the Observatory also joined hands with the Civil Aid Service, the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department, the Communications Authority and the Lands Department to showcase various mobile apps and websites, including the Observatory’s own thematic webpages for outdoor activities (see details) and the MyObservatory mobile app (on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platform) that provide various information to enable members of public to plan their hiking trips.

Figure 1
Dr. Ernest Lee Shu-wing (4th right on the front row), Commissioner of Civil Aid Service, and Dr. Cheng Cho-ming (3rd right on the front row), Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory and other officiating guests at the Opening Ceremony of the Mountaineering Safety Promotion Day.
Figure 2
Dr. Cheng Cho-ming (4th left) and Friends of Observatory volunteers photographed in front of the Observatory's booth.