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  • Hong Kong Observatory Organized the Research Forum on Leveraging Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Weather Observations and Forecasting

  • Thursday, 8th November 2018

The Hong Kong Observatory organized the Research Forum "Leveraging Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Weather Observations and Forecasting" on 18 October 2018. Experts from local universities were invited to share their knowledge and research findings on application of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) in various fields including landslide monitoring, seasonal forecasting and stormwater management. The Observatory gave presentations on urban weather monitoring for smart cities and application of deep learning in rainfall nowcasting. Participants from public utility companies and government works departments also exchanged views on development and application of AI with the speakers.

The forum encourages exchange of ideas and hopefully plants the seed of future collaborations between the Observatory, the academia, other government departments and relevant stakeholders. Through collaboration and innovation, we hope to move towards a smart and more sustainable city.

The presentations of the forum are available at

Fig 1
A group photo of the speakers and Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) colleagues. From left to right: Mr Stephen LAU, Scientific Officer of HKO, Mr Lap Shun LEE and Ms Sandy SONG, Acting Assistant Directors of HKO, Prof. Yu Hsing WANG and Prof. Dit Yan YEUNG of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Ms Sharon LAU, Acting Director of HKO, Prof. Ji CHEN and Prof. May CHUI of The University of Hong Kong, Mr Kit Chi TSUI, Assistant Director of HKO, Mr Wang Chun WOO, Scientific Officer of HKO.