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  • 9th Meeting of the Liaison Group for the Shipping Community

  • Tuesday, 24th July 2018

Members of the Hong Kong Observatory Liaison Group for the Shipping Community met for the ninth time at the annual meeting on 17 July 2018. A total of nineteen representatives from cruise and shipping companies, container terminal operators, the Hong Kong Shipowners Association, the Hong Kong Pilots Association Ltd. and the Marine Department attended the meeting.

To appreciate the dedicated efforts of the crew members of the Hong Kong Voluntary Observing Ships (HKVOS) in taking weather observations at seas in 2017, Mr Shun Chi-ming, Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, presented awards to a number of outstanding HKVOS before the meeting. The ships that received the awards included: Dapeng Moon, Dapeng Star, Dapeng Sun, SuperStar Aquarius, Min Lu, Min Rong, Shen Hai and Maersk La Paz for the Diamond Award; and OOCL France, OOCL San Francisco and Star Pisces for the Gold Award. Mr Shun also presented a certificate of appreciation to OOCL Nagoya for her assistance in deploying a drifting buoy in the South China Sea to measure atmospheric pressure and temperature over the sea surface during the typhoon season in 2017.

During the meeting, the Observatory briefed the shipping community of the new services recently launched, including the Observatory’s Facebook page, Instagram platform [hk.observatory] and the “MyOceanWx Gallery”. The Observatory also introduced the new “MyOceanWx On Demand” service which is a free marine weather information delivery service via email system. It is intended to provide the requested weather information to marine users who do not have full internet access on board the ships but have the email capability to send and receive information. Trial was being conducted with HKVOS and members of the Liaison Group were invited to take part in the trial and provide their valuable feedback to the Observatory.

Figure 1
Mr Shun Chi-ming, Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, photographed with participants of the 9th meeting of the Liaison Group for the Shipping Community.