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  • Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Shipping visited the Observatory

  • Friday, 26th January 2018

The Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), Mr Peter Hinchliffe, visited the Hong Kong Observatory on 16 January 2018 and was greeted by the Acting Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Dr Cheng Cho-ming, and his colleagues.

Figure 1
Dr Cheng Cho-ming (right), Acting Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, welcoming Mr Peter Hinchliffe (left).

During the visit, Mr Peter Hinchliffe was briefed on the latest developments with respect to the marine meteorological services provided by the Observatory for global shipping. He was impressed by the advancing technology as seen in the stark contrast between the items in the Observatory’s History Room and the sophisticated systems and equipment in the Central Forecasting Office, TV Studio and Earthquake Monitoring and Tsunami Warning Centre. He also valued the usefulness of weather observations taken over the oceans by the fleet of the Hong Kong voluntary observing ships operating in collaboration with the Observatory.

Figure 2
A brief history of the Hong Kong Observatory presented to Mr Peter Hinchliffe by Ms Sandy Song, Senior Scientific Officer of the Observatory.

ICS is the principal international trade association for the shipping industry, representing shipowners with the various intergovernmental regulatory bodies that impact on shipping, including the International Maritime Organization. ICS also develops best practices and guidance, including a wide range of publications and free resources that are used by ship operators globally.