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  • Visit to Thailand Meteorological Department (TMD)

  • Wednesday, 7th June 2017

Assistant Director of the Observatory, Ms Sharon LAU Sum-yee, together with Senior Scientific Officer Mr. P.W. Chan, visited TMD in Bangkok, Thailand on 2 June 2017. She held a high level meeting with Mr. Wanchai Sakudomchai, Director-General (DG) of TMD and other senior officers, and discussed strengthening collaboration between the two organizations. A number of areas for further co-operation were identified, such as training of forecasters, experience sharing on installing lightning location system, developing of nowcasting system for thunderstorms and lightning, etc.

Earlier on that day, Ms Lau and Mr Chan visited the Aeronautical Meteorological Office of TMD at Suvarnabhumi Airport at Bangkok. They conducted a number of lectures to the aviation forecasters, including windshear alerting and radar meteorology. They also introduced the SIGMET co-ordination tool for Southeast Asia to pave the way for TMD to participate in SIGMET co-ordination later this year.

Figure 1
Ms Lau of the Observatory (fourth from left) presenting souvenir to Mr. Wanchai Sakudomchai, DG of TMD (third from left) in the company of Mr. Burin Wechbunthung, Deputy Director-General for Operation (second from left), and Dr. Phuwieng Prakhammintara, Director of Bureau of Aeronautical Meteorology (first from left).
Figure 2
Ms Lau of the Observatory (fifth from left on the front row) pictured with Ms. Rassmee Damrongkietwattana, Director of Weather Monitoring Division, Bureau of Aeronautical Meteorology, TMD (sixth from left) and Mr. Wisan Pratoomrat, Director of Charts and Flight Documentations Division, Bureau of Aeronautical Meteorology (third from left) and the aviation forecasters of TMD after the training.