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Mean sea level

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Global mean sea level in the late 21st century is likely to be 0.26 to 0.82 m above the average of 1986-2005.

Global mean sea level rise

Global mean sea level rise, relative to 1986-2005, projected by an ensemble of models. Red and blue solid line represent the multi-model median under RCP8.5 and RCP2.6 respectively, with shading indicating the likely range. The coloured vertical bars on the right show the likely range of the mean over the period 2081-2100 for all scenarios, with the median value given as a horizontal line. (Source: IPCC AR5)

Projected regional mean sea level rise

Projected regional mean sea level rise for 2081-2100 (relative to 1986-2005) under different greenhouse gas concentration scenarios (Source: IPCC AR5)