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Mitigating climate change – our role and responsibilities

Just as mankind has played an undeniable role in bringing about climate change, we have an inescapable responsibility in mitigating the impact so caused. While some of the changes that are already taking place may not be reversible, the scenario-based projections as described in IPCC AR5 do provide some hope for steering the future course of events and hence mitigating the overall impact to a certain extent.

Greenhouse gas emissions in Hong Kong by sector in 2014

Greenhouse gas emissions in Hong Kong by sector in 2014

Whatever the governments of this world pledged in COP21, ultimately it is down to us as citizens of the planet to achieve the targets set through a change in mindset, lifestyle and consumption behaviour. And we need to act conscientiously, collectively and with urgency. We should also spread the word around, promote such awareness among the younger generations, and pursue societal actions in support of sustainable efforts in meeting the long-running challenges of climate change.


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