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Collaborative effort in combating climate change

The Hong Kong Observatory supports the Global Framework for Climate Services – an international initiative launched by the World Meteorological Organization to enhance and extend the effective use of scientifically-based climate information to cope with climate variability and climate change in the five priority areas of energy, agriculture and food security, water, health and disaster risk reduction. The Observatory has been collaborating with partners and stakeholders in such efforts over a wide range of issues:

With government bureaux and departments to promote public awareness of climate change With Radio Television Hong Kong to spread the messages about climate change With the utility sector to encourage behavioural changes in mitigating
climate change


With Education Bureau to produce special
educational television programmes on
climate change
With the academia in conducting
climate research


» Production of videos on tropical cyclone hazards which were shown at the Third United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction at Sendai, Japan in 2015

» Projection of rainfall and Standardized Precipitation Index submitted to the Hong Kong/Guangdong Joint Liaison Group on Combating Climate Change


The Observatory provides scientific input to climate change documents in Hong Kong, such as the Hong Kong Climate Change Report 2015 and Hong Kong Climate Resilience Roadmap for Business, and actively supports the policies and actions in climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience undertaken and coordinated by the government's high-level Steering Committee on Climate Change. The Observatory facilitates stakeholders and decision-makers in the planning and implementation of adaptation measures based on the latest assessment of climate trends and projections. In view of the likelihood of more frequent extreme weather as a result of climate change, the Observatory through its forecasting and warning services, as well as its public education activities in collaboration with partners on specific issues such as landslips and urban flooding, also contributes to disaster risk reduction efforts to enhance the community's preparedness and resilience against the threats of natural hazards. Such collaboration extends to school talks and other outreach initiatives on thematic topics such as energy saving and biodiversity conservation for the mitigation of climate change.

Joint school talks with partners Director of the Observatory giving a speech at the launch of the Hong Kong Climate Change Report 2015 Production of YouTube videos to promote public awareness


» Hong Kong Climate Change Report 2015

» Hong Kong Climate Resilience Roadmap for Business