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The Hong Kong Observatory Logo

Diagram explaining the design of the logo of the Hong Kong Observatory

The basic design of the Logo of the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) came from the concept of the balance between "Yin" and "Yang" of Tai chi in traditional Chinese wisdom.

The typhoon is a natural choice for the key feature in the logo of the HKO because members of the public always look towards the Observatory at times of typhoon. The cross at the centre symbolises the monitoring of typhoon rain bands by radar, representing round-the-clock surveillance of the weather by HKO and our target of making accurate weather forecasts. The typhoon symbol is extended laterally and fitted into an elliptic frame representing the shape of the Earth. It highlights the concept of stable equilibrium and prudency. It also alludes to geophysics and related sciences being part of the work of HKO.

Furthermore, two "S" symbols embedded in the HKO logo, a white "S" and a blue "S". They stand for "Science" and "Service" and stand for the fundamental philosophy of "Service based on Science".


Last revision date: <19 Dec 2012>